Like It Is: Brittany Lincicome – Equality, Social Media Battles & Being A Mother/Athlete

Brittany Lincicome is one of the most successful players in LPGA history. In her rookie season (2005), she led the tour in driving distance earning her the nickname, “Bam-Bam.” She has gone on to win eight titles in her LPGA career with two major championships and nearly $10-million in prize money.

In this inaugural episode, Lisa Cornwell speaks with Brittany about life off the golf course and being an outspoken advocate for equality.

They discuss:

1:15 – What led her to be a vocal advocate in defense of women and female athletes

2:52 – Why don’t more women speak out

4:08 – How different would the LPGA Tour be if Billie Jean King had been a golfer instead of a tennis player

5:48 – How the LPGA Tour is different now vs. 2005 (her rookie season)

7:18 – The financial pressure for LPGA players who are making cuts but still cashing small checks

9:30 – Lack of healthcare for players and why the $1850 yearly stipend they receive isn’t nearly enough

11:28 – What can players do to push for more money and benefits

12:34 – Are the players discussing the ways they can help facilitate change together the way they should be

13:12 – TV coverage and why the limited number of cameras is hurting the image of the Tour

15:39 – Golf Channel’s continued slight of the LPGA Tour in its news/studio shows

17:53 – Does women’s golf need more personality from the players during competition to appeal to a larger fan base

19:53 – The golf courses where the LPGA competes vs. the PGA Tour and why playing better courses would lead to better play and increased TV ratings

23:20 – Fighting the equality battle on social media, engaging with fans and handling the horrible comments from the haters on Twitter

26:17 – The effects social media has on her fellow tour players and the concern she has for their mental health

29:32 – The challenges and rewards of being a mom and a professional athlete

32:04 – What life after golf looks like for her

32:35 – Wrapping things up

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