Like It Is: Terry Strada: National Chair – “9/11 Families United” talks Saudi & LIV Golf

Terry Strada, who lost her husband Tom in the 9/11 attacks, is the National Chair of “9/11 Families United” – a coalition of families and survivors of the worst-ever terrorist attacks on American soil. They represent over 9,000 victims’ family members and survivors seeking justice and the truth from that tragic day.

Lisa & Terry discuss 9/11, the Saudi government, LIV Golf and much more…

Here’s a timeline of the discussion:

:10 – Introduce Terry and her role with “9/11 Families United”

:53 – Terry takes us through what happened on Sept. 11…

2:09 – Her husband Tom called soon after the plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. She describes that call and the panic that followed.

2:47 – How did “9/11 Families United” come about? She joined in 2002 to find out why and how this happened… and who was behind it. Her mission to hold Saudi Arabia accountable.

4:17 – She talks about the point she knew Saudi was accountable, holding the government accountable & why previous Presidential administrations haven’t helped. Also brings to light the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism” Act presented by Congress.

5:42 – The Saudis play dirty… bullying, bribery, threaten people and kill them.

6:53 – Why there has been pushback to release info on Saudis from all administrations before Biden. Choosing Saudis over America’s interests because of oil, geopolitical reasons, etc… but it’s no excuse. The U.S. government isn’t forcing the Saudi Kingdom to own up to its wrongdoings.

7:55 – Her reaction to declassification of 9/11 documents under the “Transparency Act.” A lot of information is still redacted. Revealed that Saudi diplomats who had credentials to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were extremists who were setting up support networks for the 9/11 terrorists.

10:27 – Has there been any communication with President Biden? Terry says he’s obligated to address this with MBS when he meets with him next month now that they have phone and bank records linking the Saudi government with 9/11. “Operation Encore” by the FBI has revealed all of these details. There is now evidence of Saudi involvement and President Biden must address it.

12:19 – How does the lawsuit stand now and what’s next?

12:51 – Where can we see these redacted documents? The FBI Vault online. There is a protective order against releasing more information at the request of the Saudi government.

14:12 – Her reaction when she first heard about LIV Golf.

17:05 – Her late husband was a scratch golfer. What would he say about LIV Golf?

17:57 – Her late husband was also a Phil Mickelson fan. USA Today columnist, Christine Brennan, asked Mickelson at the U.S. Open about the letter Terry sent him and the U.S. golfers joining LIV on behalf of “9/11 Families United.” What was her reaction to his brush off?

19:52 – Is this how MBS wins… sportswashing?

21:02 – The Ladies European Tour in women’s golf has six Saudi funded events. What are the dangers of the Aramco Series?

24:08 – Terry sends a clear message to female golfers on the LPGA Tour thinking about accepting Saudi money – you will be a mouthpiece and lose your great history in the game.

25:12 – What would her message be to the LPGA Commissioner and players to avoid a hostile takeover of women’s golf by the Saudi’s and MBS?

27:11 – How much does what happened on 9/11 still haunt you?

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