When longtime television sports personality Lisa Cornwell went public about the misogynistic culture that she and other women faced during their time at Golf Channel/NBCUniversal, she had no idea the impact it would have in the sports world and beyond.

With a powerful foreword from Hillary Rodham Clinton, her tell-all book Troublemaker: A Memoir of Sexism, Retaliation, and the Fight They Didn’t See Coming (Published by Triumph Books) takes readers inside the boys’ club of sports media and reveals the way powerful corporations cover up wrongdoings. For her, what began with sexism and retaliation exploded into a public smear campaign and, ultimately, her dismissal.

Lisa also shares the unlikely yet formative touchstones of her life: a close friendship with Tiger Woods when both were nationally ranked junior golfers; her cousin, Bill Clinton, being elected President of the United States; and the private demons she battled as a young adult that almost cost her everything.

Candid and compulsively readable, Troublemaker is a timely story of fighting back against the sexist cultural norms that are still deeply embedded in our society. It will resonate with anyone who has experienced unfair treatment in the workplace due to their gender, race, orientation, and more.